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School Uniform at Bega High School


Bega High School uniforms are supplied by Tuff-As which  is a locally owned and operated business, located at 118-120 Carp Street, Bega (next to the Carp Street entrance to Coles). 

Opening hours are 8:00am-5:00pm Monday to Friday and 8:30am-1:00pm Saturdays, excluding public holidays. 

The wearing of a uniform is school policy. Students are required to wear school uniform every day, unless otherwise advised and parents and carers are asked to support this.

Wearing the school uniform contributes to the development of school pride. It is economical and discourages peer competition to wear the latest fashion. Students in uniform are more readily identified with our school.


School Uniform Cartoon

What if I am not in uniform?

  • Out of uniform passes may be obtained with parental or carer permission if uniform is unable to be worn due to loss, damage or unavailability. Uniform passes will not be issued for non-compliance or unwillingness to wear school uniform.
  • Out of uniform passes are available before school from the front office, or from a deputy after roll call.
  • Students need to show this pass to their roll call teacher and to any other teacher on request.


Acceptable Uniform Not Acceptable Uniform for Work Health and Safety reasons


  • Boys: navy shorts or trousers, white polo or cotton shirt, navy jumper or school jacket


  • Girls: navy skirt, navy shorts or pants, white polo shirt, navy jumper or school jacket


  • Boys: navy shorts or pants, sky blue polo shirt, navy jumper or school jacket


  • Girls: navy skirt, shorts or pants, sky blue polo, navy jumper or school jacket
  • Footwear that does not completely cover the foot and/or that is easy to slip out of - thongs, sandals, etc, even on mufti days.
  • Shoes made of canvas are not acceptable for any practical subject, eg. Food Technology, Hospitality, Textiles, IT Wood & Metal, Science, Agriculture, PE and Sport
  • Ugg boots
  • Jewellery that does not meet WHS requirements
  • Denim jeans / short, board shorts and short shorts
  • Shirts which do not cover the midriff or that are not buttoned up appropriately
  • Non-school jumpers or jackets worn over the school uniform in the winter, including clothing from other organisations or sporting groups
  • Brightly coloured or patterned visible undershirts, stockings or tights.



  • Students participating in a sporting or cultural event, excursions or school assemblies must wear full and correct uniform unless specifically advised otherwise.
  • School uniform must be worn for all photos that are to be published (newsletter, newspaper, website, Facebook, Tarraganda).
  • Students doing Office and Canteen Duty must be in full school uniform.
  • Lunch passes and special passes will not be issued to students who are out of uniform.
  • Students who represent CHS or Area sport may wear official jackets or jumpers recognising their participation for a month after the event. 
  • Students can see the following staff if there are difficulties with uniform items: Head Teacher Student Welfare, Year Adviser, Girls' Supervisor, School Counsellor, Deputy Principals, Office staff. 
  • Those who need financial assistance can apply to the Principal for uniform items from the school's clothing pool.