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Rural Fire Service Cadets

Rural Fire Service Cadets

Bega High School conducts the Rural Fire Service School Cadet Program.

Young  people are able to begin their association with the NSW Rural Fire Service as Secondary School Cadets, from the age of 15 to 16 years.

The Secondary School Students are able to participate in interesting and challenging training that:

  • Provides practical life skills
  • Develops leadership, teamwork and initiative skills
  • Fosters qualities of community responsibility and service

The Cadet Program utilises the competences of Certificate 2 & Certificate 3 of the Public Safety (Fireground Management) course. Cadet training is a tiered program that takes Secondary School Students through introductory Basic Fire Fighter Training in the NSW Rural Fire Service. The only aspect of Fire-Fighter training that Secondary School Cadets will NOT participate in, are those activities that use active/live fire.

  • Training includes
  • Fire Awareness
  • Leadership
  • Fire Science Educational Program
  • Personal Development
  • Accident Prevention in the Work Place
  • Practical scenarios and assessment

16 year old students and family and community members may join the Rural Fire Service at the following locations:

Angledale, Bega, Bemboka, Bermagui, Brogo, Candelo, Cobargo, Jellat, Merimbula, Numbugga, Tanja, Tarraganda, Tathra and Wolumla.